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DMFIT white series acetal resin inch size fittings
DMfit White series acetal resin inch size fittings

Water & foods use: DMfit products are manufactured whit safe, non-toxic materials meeting the requirements of the US FDA, WRAS, ANSI/NSF-51, 61, ACS, KTW and DVGW-W270. Our products are widely used in water purification, food/beverage and pneumatic systems.

Function & quality: DMfit  provides quick and convenient assembly - saving time & expense. Our ISO9001, 14001 registered quality system ensures our customers a superior level of product quality. Defects are easily detectable and maintenance is semple with its easy dismantling for access.

Collet design: Our unique oval collet design is superior and more practica. It's an improvement welcomed by our world-wide customers in all industries. 

Applications: Beyond water and food use, fittings can be used with air, gases, vacuum and liquids. And all connections can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly. A broad of sizes covers a broad scope of applications.

Color: White acetal copolymer.

DMFIT white series acetal resin inch size fittings Adaptability

- For maximum flexibility, fittings may be combined to provide wider functions.

- Unlike some competitors' products, separation and reuse is easy.

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DM fit White series acetal resin inch size fittings
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