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Water Block valve with and w/o instant reset
Water Block valve with and w/o instant reset
The valve Water Block is a Security instrument anti-flooding used to control the passage of a volume of water between 5 and 50 liters. Its fuction is to measurement of the passage of the water and...
AS-413, AS-414 Water Leak Blocker with Auto Shut Off Valve
AS-413, AS-414 Water Leak Blocker with Auto Shut Off Valve
Features: * Auto shut off water when water leak is detected * 9V alkaline battery operated * Auto shut off when low battery power * Easy installation * Protection for water filter, water softener Specification: * Operating voltage: 9V DC * Supply
Mechanical leaking sensor 1/4"
Mechanical leaking sensor 1/4"
This exclusive leak protector not merely detects leaks, but it also shuts off the flow that comes from a drinking water system if there is a leak. This device is designed to eliminate any possible damage to houses and business property. Functioning: The device is patented and its functioning is incredibly simple. When a leak occurs, the adsorbent applicator towel-coin will expands to close the valve and shut off the incoming water supply. Two tablets are included with each Leak Protector, and rep
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