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DMfit quick fit fittings control valves acetalic resin metric inch size food&drink beverage compressed air flow systems

DMFIT flow control valves fitting
DMfit Flow control valves
DMFIT flow control valves fitting Features

- Highly durable and fatigue resistant.

- Can be used with a variety of chemicals & gases. However, when using other than water or air, please refer to the Chemical Compatability Tables, or consult our representative.

- Do not apply excessive vibration, torque, shock, or other strong loads on the fittings. The valve body may be damaged or collects may be dislocated.

- Inch size - White acetal copolymer.
- Metric size - Black acetal copolymer.

Working pressure and temperature
Pressure 10 bar 4 bar
Temperature 1°C (35°F) - 20°C (70°F) 65°C (150°F)

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DM fit Control valves
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