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Ionicore Cartridges Extruded Activated Carbon High Filtration Capacity Cartucce Water Purifiers

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Shower filter
Shower filter
Water purifier for showers. It removes chlorine and other chlorine substances. Filter load: KDF and calcium sulfite. Max temperature 80°C. Duration: 57.000 Its.
Shower filter complete system
Shower filter complete system
The main function of this shower filter is to reduce the suspended particles, organics, heavy metals, as chlorine and chlorinated lime, taste and odor, in water to refresh your skin and hair. The filter cartridge is replaceable, please replace it regularly to ensure the performance. Technical data - Flow Rate: 5L/min - Feed Water Pressure: 0.1-0.4Mpa - Feed Water: Municipal tap water - Working temperature: 5-45°C Composition of the filter: PP sediment Calcium sulfite granules Hig Everpure Filters