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ROC500 water purifier direct flow reverse osmosis 65lt. h. outgoing regulator TDS Membrane 400gpd

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Single TDS Sensor Probes
Single TDS Sensor Probes
Features - Stainless steel sensor. - Probe: 1/4". - Cable: 45" (114,30 cm.). - Connector: Single 4-pin. - Thermometer pin: Yes. - Sensors have a green wrap and no label. - Pressure Rating: 16bar @ +23°C.
In-line flow sensor
In-line flow sensor
The FS-2000(H) flow sensor comes with a reed switch or Hall effect switch which delivers a switch signal or digital signal to electronic control unit when it is activated by the magnetic force of the flow sensor turbine. It can detect water flow from 1.7 to 14.1 L /min. The connection of the FS-2000(H) is 3/ 8” NPT female. Its body and turbine are made of acetal copolymer (POM) material. The best location to connect the FS-2000(H) is on the outlet channel of the filter. Because it's sensitive to rust an
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