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DMfit quick fit fittings hand valves acetalic resin inch size food&drink beverage compressed air flow systems

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Dry pressure gauge for board installation 1/8" (OD 40mm.)
Dry pressure gauge for board installation 1/8" (OD 40mm.)
Dry plastic case DN40 Rear connection for panel mount with screwed flange. Pressure: 0-16 bar (0-230 psi). Materials Case: Black plastic; Dashboard flange: Chromed plastic; Trasparent: Clear plastic; Quadrant: White plastic; Index: Black plastic; Fitting: Brass side hexagon 14mm.; Manometer: Bourdon copper alloy spring, solder alloy of tin, C. spring; Movement: Patent brass/polyester. Technical features Reference regulations: EN 837-1; Static: 75% of full scale value; Floatin
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