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T1H1 Counter Top cartridge
T1H1 Counter Top cartridge
* Height x Diameter: 305x125mm * Input / Output: 1/4" NPT female * Material and color of the container: White Polypropylene * Material in-ring: EPDM * Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar / 120 psi * Material of quick fitting: Plastic (Jaco 1/4") * Cartridge: Carbon Filter 9 7/8" (250mm) * Internal Composition: Dual - Sediment/Gac * Flow rate: 3 l./min. * Service life: 1.587 gallons (6.000L) max. 1 year * Micron rating: 5 mcron * Accessories: housing Wrench and adapter for pipe connection.
DigiPure 9000S Counter Top cartridge w./o. filter (4)
DigiPure 9000S Counter Top cartridge w./o. filter (4)
DigiPure 9000S is a fraction of the cost of bottled water. The filters are fast, easy, and convenient - accessible right at your kitchen counter. The water you need for hydration that's essential for health and longevity. Research shows that our bodies require a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water daily to regulate body temperature and to remove excess toxins accumulated during daily life. Makes great tasting coffee and tea, as well as cold drinks from juice concentrates and powdered mixes. Makes better qualit Everpure Filters