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Profine VIOLET ion exchange resin and coffee water filters
Profine VIOLET ion exchange resin and coffee water filters
Profine® VIOLET designed to reduce the temporary hardness of drinking water. Quick-connect cartridge with carboxylic weak cation resin mixed with granular carbon, featuring final carbon block stage with silver ions. If the cartridge is used in food processing equipment, the whole system must comply with the EU regulation 178/2002 Reduces the temporary hardness of water and removes completely scales due to limestone deposits. * Ideal for hotels, restaurants facilities, Ho.Re.Ca., Coffee Machines and mu
Flow rate mod. Small:
0,26 gpm (1L/min)
Flow rate mod. Medium:
0,39 gpm (1,5L/min)
Flow rate mod. Large:
0,53 gpm (2L/min)
Working pressure:
8,7 - 87 psi (0,6 - 6 bar)
Temperature Rating:
40 - 100°F (4,4 - 37,8°C)
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