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Ionicore Cartridges Extruded Activated Carbon Block High Filtration Capacity Water Purifiers

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FQM-700 In-line CD Ozone Generator Cell
FQM-700 In-line CD Ozone Generator Cell
With BEYOKozone Corona Discharge Ozone Generator Cell Series, you'll enjoy minimum maintenance and a removal of unpleasant odor and mold in an affordable, compact system made especially for household & home appliances. Features * Integrated design two in one unit with ozone tube, and ozone power * Able to connect with air dryer through air inlet to increase ozone output * Low power consumption * One year warranty Benefits * Eliminates odors * Freshens stale air * Destroys airborne microbes * Drinki
Air ozone generators 3,5 - 5 - 3,5/7 - 10 Gr./H.
Air ozone generators 3,5 - 5 - 3,5/7 - 10 Gr./H.
Effectively removes smoke, pollen, dust, dust mites, molds, bacteria and viruses. 1. Sterilization: destroys a variety of bacteria and viruses efficiently. 2. Deodorization: completely removes mold, cigarette smoke. 3. Oxygen increasing: improves oxygen level for air. 4. Health: purify the air and promotes human metabolism. 5. Applicable areas: rooms, basements, vehicles and boats, hotels, smoking areas, garages, restaurants. Features 1. Compact and portable size. 2. Low energy consumption, min
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