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The new inhibitor process PWP (Pure Water Process)

As it has been widely demonstred, Lead is toxic for ingestion, this means that the greatest risk, connected with its leaching, involves all the faucets used to supply drinking water (lavatory and kitchen faucets).
Nickel is a toxic metal which is responsible of many allergies caused by its contact with human skin, for this reason it could be dangerous its leaching from all kinds of faucets. Thanks to the new process PWP (Pure Water Process), the leaching of toxics metals as Lead and Nickel in drinking water is prevented.
The treatment consists of two steps: the first step guarantees the chemical removal of Lead from faucets, valves, joints made of brass, the second step consists of the plating with an electrolical Nickel very hard and corosion-proof. It contains additives which avoid the leaching of Nickel ions when pieces come in contact with drinking water.
Good results have been obtained testing pieces in extreme conditions: test made on valves exposed at pH=5 and at 82°C, as prescribed by NSF-61 regulation. The Lead removal treatment Clean Lead properly modified, helps to avoid the leaching in drinking water of metals like: Lead, Copper and Zinc, then PWP bath completes the treatment avoiding Nickel leaching.


1* These faucets for water treatment equipment (3-4-5-way) are molded with brass bar st. UNI EN 12165 brass CW 617N-M low lead content, as requested by the D.M.174(Italian regulation). In addition, they are subjected to a treatment named PWP (Pure Water Process) that allows a further reduction of release of lead and nickel.

2* Fittings of body/pipe and food grade tube feed grafts, they are made with brass bar UNI EN121165 brass CW 614N-M also them low in lead. In addition, they are treated with an innovative method named T.E.A. (Ternary Eco Alloy) that replaces the traditional deposit of nickel/chrome ensuring corrosion resistance too and complies with the limits imposed by the current International Standards regulations to water intended for human consumption (NSF 61 section 8).

3* D.M.174(Italian regulation) Annex III - Article 5 of the Regulation. Regarding the article cited above, we use a food grade pipe to eliminate contact of purified water with the spout of the tap and also to have the total separation of the water to the exit. The tube that we use is the LLDPE tube of JOHN GUEST, which is certified by the NSF American autority (NSF51 Specifications and NSF61) and English authority for drinking water WRAS, moreover, the raw material is FDA approved.


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