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Ionicore blue Cartridges Melt Blown Polypropylene Silver Ion Water Purifiers

Rubinetteria e colonnine
2-way taps
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2007 Long reach 2-way faucet 1/4"
2007 Long reach 2-way faucet 1/4"
Column tap with two levers and two-bend barrel for refrigerator or purifier. Requires 33 mm tap hole.
2010 2-way faucet 6mm.
2010 2-way faucet 6mm.
Connections: Pure water: 2x 6mm. quick fittings
2015 2-way Seltz dispenser Chrome
2015 2-way Seltz dispenser Chrome
This professional 2-way Seltz dispenser is a must-have behind the counted of your bar, pub or restaurant. Thanks to the 4 micro-holes on its spout in stainless steel, it guarantees a constant and precise supply everytime. This product, with its compact dimentions and high level of performances, can be used to dispense still, sparkling and cold water, and every carbonated drink. Connections: 2x 6mm. quick fittings The dispenser is provided with: - Flexible, containing the two tubes -
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Fuller pressure vessels from with base FRP Tripod Everpure Filters