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Ionicore Cartridges Extruded Activated Carbon Block High Filtration Capacity Water Purifiers

Dmfit Stop Faucet Adaptor Valves Water
DMfit Stop & faucet adaptor valves

DMfit AV range of Stop & Faucet Valve Adaptor valves and Slip Tee Valves are manufactured in white Polypropylene, reinforced plastic with EPDM O-rings which provides value-added advantages in the installation of water supply line mainly. DMfit AV range of Stop & Faucet Valve Adaptors and Slip Tee Valves are designed for use in drinking water systems, refrigerators, Ice-Makers, humidifiers and water filtration applications, etc... Our valves offer greater efficiency than any traditional valves. DMfit AV valves have been approved in NSF/ANSI 61 & 372.
Dmfit Stop Faucet Adaptor Valves Water

- Shut off your existing stop valve and disconnect the riser from the valve.
- Connect our stop valve to the water valve.
- Connect the riser to our valve.
- Ensure the perfect connection every time. Open valves and check for leaks.

Working pressure and temperature
Pressure 12 bar 6 bar
Temperature 20°C (70°F) 65°C (150°F)

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DM fit Stop & faucet adaptor valves
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