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Ionicore Cartridges Extruded Activated Carbon Block High Filtration Capacity Water Purifiers

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Pentek Quick Change Filters
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Pentek QC10 series Quick Change water filters
Pentek QC10 series Quick Change water filters
The PENTEK Quick Change series for drinking water is suitable for applications at the point of use, such as installing undersink. All these systems have the NSF certification, are equipped with many features for the reduction of contaminants and the Quick Change system that allows the quick replacement of the cartridge in the presence of water under pressure. This feature eliminates the need for additional shut-off valves on the head. The filtration system offers excellent functionality of chemicals reduct
Capacity CBRR:
500 gallons (1,890L) 6 months
Capacity GACR:
2.500 gallons (9,460L) 9 months
Working pressure:
30-125 psi (2,1-8,62 bar)
Temperature Rating:
40 - 100°F (4,4 - 37,8°C)
Flow rate CBRR:
0,5 gpm (1,9L/min)
Flow rate GACR:
0,75 gpm (2,8L/min)
Micron rating CBRR:
Micron rating GACR:
NTU max = 5
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