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50, 75, 100, 180 2012 Water Purifiers Reverse Osmosis Membranes

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Ceramic candle cartridges
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Cartridges ceramic candle with or with out carbon GAC
Cartridges ceramic candle with or with out carbon GAC
Filter for water treatment With a porous structure, suitable to remove suspended particles, microorganisms and bacteria, reduces turbidity and thanks to the granular carbon GAC ( composed of granules coconut) in it allows you to remove any smells or bad tastes , present in water. Specifications: Length-10" * Max Pressure-125 psi * Flow Max-5 lt/min * Temperature Max-60°C * Filtration 0,9 microns. To be used as a prefilter in osmosis or microfiltration systems (we recommend replacement every 6 months max.).
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