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Ionicore SCCB Silver Coconut Carbon Block cartridge Water Purifiers Reverse Osmosis

Filtri acqua Profine
Profine filter - Technological Use
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Profine YELLOW demineralization water filters
Profine YELLOW demineralization water filters
Demineralizes drinking water, only to technological use. For non drinkable water Removes the total concentration of mineral salts in the water, mesh filter with mixed bed resin, cationic and anionic. * Ideal for water at technological use * Laser cut. * Analysis laboratories. * Battery charging forklifts. * Small boilers and closed circuits. * Steam generators. * Protect from clogging, corrosion and wear. * No electrical connection required. * Vertical installation with filter head "R" type.
Flow rate mod. Small:
0,26 gpm (1L/min)
Flow rate mod. Medium:
0,39 gpm (1,5L/min)
Flow rate mod. Large:
0,53 gpm (2L/min)
Working pressure:
8,7 - 87 psi (0,6 - 6 bar)
Temperature Rating:
40 - 100°F (4,4 - 37,8°C)
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