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Push-in Tube Fitting quick fitting

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Water meter at progressive numeration (40)
Water meter at progressive numeration (40)
Water's counter at only jet super Dry with dry quadrant. Quadrant's size: 20mm * direct reading with 8 roller * Inlet/Outlet connections: 3/4" male thread (it is provided with 2 junctions 1/2" male thread * maximum flow rate: 3,125m3/h * 360° adjustable quadrant * classe B-H/A-V * cold water 30°C * hot water 90°C * magnetic dragging * Work's maximum pressure: 16bar * anti-magnetic's Device on request
Waterminder watermeter auto-block 1/4" (60)
Waterminder watermeter auto-block 1/4" (60)
Stop the flow of water to reach the capacity of the filters. Mechanical operation with the pressure of the water. The Water Minder is programmable from 1 to 6,000 liters, decreasing a notch to every liter of water past. Of easy use and conduction enough to arm the wheel situated in head to reactivate the system. * Inlet-outlet : male threaded 1/4''. * Dimensions: 9 cm. Ø x 6 cm.
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Fuller pressure vessels from with base FRP Tripod Everpure Filters