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ROC500 water purifier direct flow reverse osmosis 65lt. h. outgoing regulator TDS Membrane 400gpd

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Xenia 3-way mechanical column chrome
Xenia 3-way mechanical column chrome
Water dispense tower 3 ways Natural - sparkling - chilled Finishing available: chrome, gold plated, burnished. Materials used: brass with food treatment * stainless steel INOX AISI 316L * polyethylene feeding pipes Connections: n. 3 x polyethylene pipes Ø 8mm Flow: not adjustable
Balance 3-way column push-button
Balance 3-way column push-button
Mechanical column water dispenser. It provides three different types of water: cold water, sparkling water, room temperature water. Optionals: Stop button mechanism to stuff caraffes. This tap is optimal for inlet pressure of maximum 3 BAR. Flow control under the button.

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Balance 3-way column with handles
Balance 3-way column with handles
Brass chromed 3 handles and ceramic headwork (cold water, sparkling, natural)
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