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Ionicore SCCB Silver Coconut Carbon Block cartridge Water Purifiers Reverse Osmosis

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Green Resin cation exchange resin bag 1 lit. (25)
Green Resin cation exchange resin bag 1 lit. (25)
Tariff per liter. Green Resin is a heterospherical high capacity strongly acidic cation exchanger in bead form. It is based on cross linked polystyrene and has a gel structure. The resin contains sulphonic acid functional groups. It is supplied moist in the sodium form. Applications Green Resin is used most widely in sodium form for potable water softening application. It can be used also in two-stage de-ionising as the cation exchanger in the hydrogen cycle. Features Physical Form: Moist, golden-y
Resincore cation exchange resin bag 1 lit. (25)
Resincore cation exchange resin bag 1 lit. (25)
Resincore RC120 is a high purity premium grade bead form gel structured polystyrene sulphonate cation exchange resin. It has an excellent integrity and an excellent chemical and physical stability. The gel structure is composed of a cross linked styrenic and divinylbenzenic (DVB) structure with sulphonic functional groups. It has excellent chemical and physical stability, high capacity, low pressure drop. International equivalent: S100LF, HCR-S(E)S, C100E, SR1L. Feature & benefits: * Uniform part
Exchange resin
Exchange resin
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