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CS3H water softener (Reg.metered-Time) 12,5 - 25 - 35 lt. resin

CS3H water softener (Reg.metered-Time) 12,5 - 25 - 35 lt. resin
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CS3H water softener (Reg.metered-Time) 12,5 lt. resin
CS3H water softener (Reg.metered-Time) 25 lt. resin
CS3H water softener (Reg.metered-Time) 35 lt. resin


14 Kg

CS3H water softener (Reg.metered-Time) 12,5 - 25 - 35 lt. resin
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Full description
The CS water softeners range make of simplicity their point of strength. They have a volumetric valve and can be setted with four kind of regeneration: mixed time/volume regeneration, Time delayed, meter immediate, meter delayed. Time Delayed - Is a delayed regenerations according to selected frequence, Meter immediate - Regenerations are started after treating the programmed volume of water, Meter delayed regenerations - Regenerations are started after treating the programmed volume of water at the programmed hour, Mixed time/volume regeneration - Similar to delayed regeneration, but it allows to program a maximum period of time without regenerations. After this time the system will start a delayed regeneration. The necessary operations for garantuee the correct functioning of the softener are to keeping power on all the time and remaining enough salt in brine tank. The only requirements for installation are three water pipe ports (inlet, outlet, drain) and power supply. Bypass and mixing valve to adjust the outlet hardness included in the system. CE, NSF, D.M. 25, D.M. 174 Certified.

* Pressure min.: 1,4 bar(1,4 kg/cm2)
* Pressure Max.: 8,6 bar(8,6 kg/cm2)
* Temperature Min: 4°C
* Temperature Max: 43°C

Water hardness (limestone)
In °F (French degrees), can be measured with the drops of Titrant, important to determine the choice of the type of water softener and optimize the consumption of salt.

Calculate sample to determine the correct article
A water softner of 25 liters resin with a hardness of 40°F (medium-high hardness), develops 3.500liters of softened water (140:40=3.500). In this case, must planning 3.5m3 in treatment capacity of the softener through the buttons on the display and provides free water softener without scale at zero French degrees.

Adjustment of outlet hardness
It's recommended to not leak totally softened water in a residential installation. CS Water softeners have a residual hardness integrated regulator that allows you to precisely adjust the hardness of the treated water. To adjust the residual hardness must then carefully open the regulator MIX valve. All softeners are supplied with the valve fully closed and then will deliver water at 0°F. Water intended for human consumption, we recommend a residual hardness between 5 and 10ºF for copper pipes and between 8 and 10 º F for iron pipes. Depending on the hardness out planned, the water softener will tend to produce more water and less sweetened salt intake because the input hardness must be compensated with the output value. A water softener of 25 liter resin with a hardness of incoming 40°F and 5°F and out of hardness, develops 4.000lit. of softened water (140:35=4.000). In this case must planning 4.0 m3 in treatment capacity of the softener through the buttons on the display. The average every person consumes 150 liters of water a day is recommended and a regeneration time scheduled every 4/5 days, then a family of 4 with water at 40°F consumes for 5 days 3.000 liters, a 25 liters of water softner so with a planned regeneration even at 6 days can be installed.

Benefits and advantages
Reduction of water hardness, which is cause of scale. ENERGY SAVING: the device prevents the formation of deposits in pipes and hydraulic lines. Greater sense of wellness during the shower. Skin soft and clean. Increased duration of appliances and boilers. COST SAVING: reduction in the use of soaps, fabric softeners and chemicals. Reduced maintenance costs. Fully automatic operation. It should just worry about adding salt in the water softner.

Increased sodium (for drinking water)
Most of the sodium consumed is taken with food, especially those produced by industrial processing. Salt is an excellent preservative and is used as an additive for processed products. The intake of sodium with the water we drink is relatively low compared to that which is taken with food. All softeners to produce soft water using ion exchange resins in the produce softened water output of sodium ions. The recommended sodium limit for water intended for human consumption is 200 liters ppm. Depending on the concentration of sodium and water hardness, the water can have a concentration of sodium than the recommended. Where this occurs, or if you need to follow a diet low in salt, it is advisable to install a reverse osmosis drinking water for the home.

Specifications Model 15000120-01 12,5 lt. resin (ideal for 2/3 people)
* Exchange capacity: 70ºHFxm3
* Regeneration salt consumption: 2,2 kg/salt.
* Water consumption for regeneration:105 lt.
* Number treated water for regeneration, 35°F-2,000m3, 40°F-1,750m3, 45°F-1,555m3, 50°F-1,400m3, 60°F-1,166m3.
* Working flow: 0,4 m3/h
* Working flow MAX: 0,6 m3/h
* Inlet/Outlet water: 3/4"
* Dimensions mm (WxDxH): 334x570x660

Specifications Model 15000120-02 25 lt. resin (ideal for 6/7/8 people)
* Exchange capacity: 140ºHFxm3
* Regeneration salt consumption: 4,1 kg/salt.
* Water consumption for regeneration:225 lt.
* Number treated water for regeneration, 35°F-4,000m3, 40°F-3,500m3, 45°F-3,111m3, 50°F-2,800m3, 60°F-2,333m3.
* Working flow: 0,8 m3/h
* Working flow MAX: 1,2 m3/h
* Inlet/Outlet water: 1"
* Dimensions mm (WxDxH): 334x570x1120

Specifications Model 15000120-03 35 lt. resin (ideal for 8/9/10 people)
* Exchange capacity: 196ºHFxm3
* Regeneration salt consumption: 5,8 kg/salt.
* Water consumption for regeneration:306 lt.
* Number treated water for regeneration, 35°F-5,600m3, 40°F-4,900m3, 45°F-4,355m3, 50°F-3,920m3, 60°F-3,266m3.
* Working flow: 1,0 m3/h
* Working flow MAX: 1,5 m3/h
* Inlet/Outlet water: 1"
* Dimensions mm (WxDxH): 334x570x1350
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