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Resincore RC120 Strong Cation Exchange Water Softeners Resin Food use

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Mineral Calcium Kit (1Kg. or 2,20lbs) for refill
Mineral Calcium Kit (1Kg. or 2,20lbs) for refill
Product description: white granules of natural marble. Chemical analysis: CaCO3+MgCO3(calcium) =97,6% * MgCO3(magnesium) =0,8% * FeO3(hematite) =0,4% * HCL =1,5%. Physical properties: Density(specific weight ISO 787/10) 2,7g/cm² * Breaking point 1,68 * Hardness (Mohs scale) 3. Specifications Humidity(ISO787/2) =0,2% * Analysis(ISO787) >4mm 1,5% - <3,15mm 42,5%. use: Acquedotti * Specific weight: 1,3 g/cm² * PH-ISO 787/9: 9 Used to remineralize the process water in osmosis, can be used in combinatio
Mineral Magnesium Kit (1Kg. or 2,20lbs) for refill
Mineral Magnesium Kit (1Kg. or 2,20lbs) for refill
Magnesium SEMK1(dolomitic limestone in microcrystalline form) Ca (calcium) 40,30% * Mg(Magnesium) 26,50% * Fe2O3(hematite) 0,05% * Al2O3(bauxite) 0,10% * CO2+H2O(carbon dioxide + water) 32,50% * Grain size 0,5-1,2mm(DIN ISO 3310) * Material complies with DIN EN 1017, DIN 19621, DIN 2000. Certified by the Dutch KIWA Certification. (Nr: K42016 Certificate of 4/15/06) Color: white. Suitable for water purification processes is suitable for removing iron, manganese and silicates. This material also serves to
Clear empty container 9 3/4"
Clear empty container 9 3/4"
Empty transparent container with post- and pre-filters for refilling with different materials. Everpure Filters