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BTS square brine tanks for water softener 70lit 100lit 140lit brine well salt grid overflow fitting

DMFIT flow control valves fitting
DMfit Flow control valves
DMFIT flow control valves fitting Features

- Highly durable and fatigue resistant.

- Can be used with a variety of chemicals & gases. However, when using other than water or air, please refer to the Chemical Compatability Tables, or consult our representative.

- Do not apply excessive vibration, torque, shock, or other strong loads on the fittings. The valve body may be damaged or collects may be dislocated.

- Inch size - White acetal copolymer.
- Metric size - Black acetal copolymer.

Working pressure and temperature
Pressure 10 bar 4 bar
Temperature 1°C (35°F) - 20°C (70°F) 65°C (150°F)

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DM fit Control valves
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