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BTR round brine tanks for water softener 25lit 70lit 100lit 145lit 20lit brine well salt grid overflow fitting

Dmfit Half Cartridges Full Cartridges Resin Acetal Brass Stainless Steel
DMfit Cartridges

Half cartridges

- Half-cartridges are available in Acetal, Brass and Stainless Steel.

- They provide to simplify your application's size and shapes.

- In addintion,they give you more cost effectiveness comparing to Fittings.

- Easy installation, Shorten time to assemble.

- Two O-rings make more completed sealing(Refer to Cavity Dimension).
Dmfit Half Cartridges Full Cartridges Resin Acetal Brass Stainless Steel
* Tap softly with special tool standing for inserting cartridge into the Cavity. (Use the tool with flat base if you don't have any
special tool for an insert cartridges).
* Please check up the breakaway a cartridge from the Cavity with pulling gently the tube inserted.
Full cartridges

- DMfit full cartridges are designed to provide a saving cost and effective way to connect tubes perfectly into metalic products.

- The cartridge is supplied with NBR O-ring and collet.

- The cartridge are good for compressed air applications.

- Please do check if your application is required an additional bonding on.

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DM fit Cartridges
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