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Dual layer filters (sediment + carbon)
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Two-in-one dual cartridges 5 PP+GAC (25)
Two-in-one dual cartridges 5 PP+GAC (25)
Polypropylene Replacement, Cartridge for removal of: Sand, Silt, Dirt and Rust Particles. GAC Replacement, Cartridge for removal of: odor and chlorine from water. For water use only This cartridge fits most standard In-Line Filter Housing. * Max Water temperature: 125°F (52°C) * Micron Rating: 5 micron. * Dimension: 2,5”x10”(60mmX 251 mm) * Max pressure: 125 Psi (8,3 bar) * Flow rate: 3lt./min. * Service life: 1.587 gallons (6.000L) max. 1 year Micron ratings is nominal. Installation and housing de
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RO400 water purifier direct flow reverse osmosis 60lt. h. outgoing regulator TDS Membrane 400gpd

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 Dual layer filters (sediment + carbon) 
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